Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making a Solar Stove

SunThe Sun is the largest and the main energy source for our life, we can harvest solar energy freely and with simple technology.
There are various types of solar cooker that we can use to "harvest" energy of the sun, among others;

  1. Box Cooker, mostly used in India.
    [IMG align="center"]http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu218/eghojansu/komat.jpg[/IMG]
  2. Parabolic/concentrator cooker, designed as the concentrator of this type can generate very high temperatures, hot like fire, so it is very dangerous and requires extra attention for their use.
    Usually used for cooking in large scale, and this type of stove users mostly in China.
  3. Panel Cooker is a combination of parabolic cooker and box cooker. This type of stove is the most widely used because it has many advantages, such as hot temperatures, which produced no parabolic cooker so relatively safe, flat shape that is also safe for our eyes (because it is usually reflective parabolic solar cooker that is harmful to the eyes), easily produced with simple technology and low cost, and easily carried and stored.

Now, let us make the Panel Cooker. Follow the instruction below.

  1. Equipment and materials

    • Thick paperboard, ( 0.9 x 1.2 meters )
    • Aluminum foil, ( 0.3 x 3 meters )
    • Glue
    • Scissors or Cutter
    • Pencil and Ruler

  2. Then, form paperboard into a pattern like below:


  3. After the pattern is formed and then cover with aluminum foil with glue that has been prepared, and do not forget to make two holes in the picture hook as a hook pattern as a place for collectors of sunlight.
    Then bundle pattern is formed above.

  4. After the stove Threaded perfect next step is to prepare the container for cooking foods, make sure the pot that we made as a place to cook is black, because black will absorb heat very well. Then, to optimize the absorbed heat and avoid heat wastage, in the cooking process should we use plastic to wrap the pans. According to Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University, to be more optimal in cooking would be better if made a coaster for the pot which we will place it on the stove, placemats made with a height of 6 cm as shown below, in order to optimize both the reflected sunlight from above , side or from below the pan.


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